5 surprising benefits of this Life-Changing Healthier Coffee!


  • Is known to help improve body’s internal circulation. Increased blood circulation results in better oxygenation of your body’s tissues which has a number of benefits, such as improved performance in physical activities.


  • Creates uplifting and positive mood. People who consume as many as four eight-ounce cups per day can experience better moods throughout the day. Coffee has been known to help impact the production of brain’s happiness chemicals, serotonin and dopamine.


  • Helps promote longevity! Coffee has been known to help improve quality of life over time.


  • Is known to benefit focus and concentration: Drinking two eight-ounce cups of coffee per day has been known to help to improve memory.


  • A new simple way to improve overall wellbeing. Because it is infused with Ganoderma, The King of Herbs, this healthier coffee is also known to help assist the body in detoxification. This herb makes your coffee more nutrient dense.

MyCoCafé is a healthier coffee infused with The King of Herbs, Ganoderma. It’s a better, smarter, healthier way to start your day. Feel the effects all day long with a cup of MyCoCafé!

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