Does your paycheck lock you up or set you free?

One of the most common desires among people today is to make and accumulate more money. The tough reality is, the accumulation of money is only possible for those who produce value. Money is a tool of exchange. We often grow up hearing that “money is the root of all evil”. This is entirely false and if you are to ever possess the material wealth you desire, you must discard the thought immediately.

As stated above, money is simply a tool that allows you to navigate through this world as you choose. It can open doors and take you wherever you’d like to go. It will not however, replace you and your mind as the most important asset in your life. This is why it is so important to choose carefully the emotions that back your desires. When the desire to accumulate wealth is driven by greed and envy, men corrupt the very money that would have set them free. It is never the other way around. Money does not corrupt the man. Man’s negative emotions and actions corrupt the power that money gives them. As Jay Noland has taught and led by example, when the desire to make money is driven by excitement, ambition, and love, money becomes an instrument that blesses the lives of those who possess it and all those whom they come into contact.

Money is the byproduct of your ability to create real value in this world. It is always an exchange. If you wish to receive a certain amount of money in your bank account by the end of the year, you must clearly define what it is you are willing to trade for it. To make real money, you must conclude for yourself that money is the root of all good. It is the root of what is created by men and women who produce value. It is the literal representation of that value, and one receives payment in direct proportion to the amount of value they create.

What value are you willing and capable of providing? If you fail to produce authentic value, your paycheck will never set you free.

10 ways to produce authentic value

  1.   Be confident

Exude courage and confidence in all you do.

  1.     Become a magnet

Only pull, attract, and allow the highest forms of positive energy in the people you associate with, and the activities you participate in.

  1.     Practice self- control

A person who cannot manage themselves and control their emotions, can never manage or influence monetary value.

  1.     Be honest

Producing authentic value in the world requires that you are honest in all you do and say. You must be unafraid to speak and stand for truth.

  1.     Be decisive

Learn to make prompt and definite decisions. This allows you to feel sure of yourself. Overthinking can never lead to authenticity.

  1.     Allow for flexibility

Have a plan of attack, and then be willing to allow change within that plan as necessary. Creating authentic value requires you to plan your work, and work your plan.

  1.    Take responsibility

Always take full responsibility for any mistakes, misjudgment, or failure.

  1.     Achieve beyond what is asked

Do more than is required or expected. You only create extra value by going the extra mile.

  1.     Finish what you start

Be a finisher. Stay on task until that task is complete.

  1.  Cooperate with others

To create value in the world you must call on and rely upon the cooperation of others. Know that nothing truly great is ever accomplished alone.

As you define more clearly what it is you want to do to create value in the world, and how you are to be compensated for that value, do not be afraid to quit a job you hate. Do not spend your life doing something you have no desire to do. It is not honorable to remain in a passionless position. It is a waste of the best that is within you.

We are in a day where there has never been more opportunity to be found, more fulfillment to be granted, or more happiness to be pursued. How incredible is it that something as simple and accessible as coffee, can earn you a paycheck that will truly set you free? Residual income is the only way to real and lasting financial freedom. Coffee is the most re-ordered product of all time. People are spending money on coffee anyway! All you have to do, is show them a better brand, one that will improve their health and overall coffee drinking experience. The coffee market is so enormous, there is no way to mess this up. Money moves in this market consistently. All you have to do, is make it move to your coffee.

Where you can absolutely achieve anything you set out to, you are not entitled to success without extending your mind and effort in its attainment. Money, wealth, and abundance will not serve the mind that cannot match it. It is lazy and false thinking that all will come to you simply because you want it or feel you deserve it. Success and financial freedom is a product of effort. It is the effort you expend to create value in the world.