How to Overcome the Fear of Starting a Conversation

Industry leader Sye Head’s 5 Simple Steps to Starting Any Conversation

1.)   Talk to yourself first.

Take time each day to build yourself up. Before you begin any conversation, build your confidence to its maximum. Practice the conversation you wish to start in the mirror. Role play until you feel at ease. If you are confident and competent in what you are saying, conversation will always flow naturally.

2.)   Remember the opportunity you bring.

Whatever your business, you certainly offer products or services that will have a positive impact on the lives of others. It is critical to remember that what you really have to offer the world is FREEDOM. The opportunity you present isn’t just an increased quality of life because of a product. You offer the ability to completely change and redirect people’s lives. You offer each person you speak with the chance to live free and unbridled in all areas of life; financially, physically, mentally, emotionally, socially, and spiritually. When you remember that, you will realize that it is not only part of your job, but an obligation to share it with as many people as possible.

3.)   Get your ego out of the way.

You cannot allow fear and pride to stand in the way of a simple conversation with a friend or prospect. You are not asking anyone to do anything out of the ordinary. You are simply presenting another option, and in most cases a better option. Do not be selfish by allowing your own pride and fear get in the way of what could possibly change another person’s life for the better. You are a messenger. Imagine if your ego stepped aside long enough for you to share that message with 4 people today. Even if one person breathes easier because of what you were willing to share, that is more than doing business. That is a life changed.

4.)   Body language baby.

Your conversation starts long before you open your mouth. Make eye contact. Give a friendly wave. Approach the person confidently, and give a compliment. Your energy will give you a head- start into a strong conversation. The more confident your approach, the more comfortable your prospect will feel. The more comfortable your prospect, the better chance you have to make a meaningful and lasting impression.

5.)   Spit it out.

Decide how you are going to start your conversation. It doesn’t matter if you choose to say, “Excuse me!”, “Hi there!”, or “I couldn’t help but notice that…” Pretend these words will burn your tongue if you do not spit them out! Even though your tongue will not literally burn if you don’t start the conversation, your business, your bank account, and even your confidence will. Every time you spit those words out, you send the message to yourself that YOU CAN DO THIS!

**using these 5 steps, industry leader, Sye and his team moved $31,000 in retail product sales alone during February 2018. His personal advice, “You’ve just got to be willing to start the conversation. Your spirit will take care of the rest.”

Did you know that one of the easiest things to start a conversation about is coffee? 80% of people you know drink coffee at least once per day. And of that 80% most of them love it so much, they won’t hesitate to try something new and innovative. It is also one of the most natural things to talk about because, who doesn’t know about or understand coffee? It is a universal language! What a simple way to make a connection and begin a relationship. Spit it out. Let’s start talking coffee!