The shocking beneficial effects of Ganoderma, The King of Herbs, and how you can get more of it from something you already do!


  • Is known to help support optimum heart health


  • Supports the body’s respiratory system


  • Helps to support liver wellness


  • Promotes body cleansing and detoxifying


  • Includes sleep enhancing properties


  • Promotes overall muscle wellness


  • Is known to boost and support immune system


  • Promotes youthful feeling and appearance


  • Helps to support healthy body weight and supports good dietary habits


  • Promotes positive energy


What if I told you that you can get all the benefits of Ganoderma by continuing to do something you already do every morning?

Well, you can. It’s as simple as drinking a cup of COFFEE… Not just any coffee… We’re talking about MyCoCafé! MyCoCafé is a healthier coffee infused with The King of Herbs, Ganoderma. It’s a better, smarter, healthier way to start your day. Feel the effects all day long with a cup of MyCoCafé!


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