5 ways to GROW your Home Based Business this week

1.) Get Your Message Right. How you speak to your customer matters. Who are you? What do you do? Why should I buy from you? Will your product really help me? How? The simpler you can answer these questions, the better. Be consistent in your communication verbally and visually.

2.) Boost Your Social Media. Everything you post brands you and your business. Post interesting, engaging content daily. Create new content often and post a wide variety of things like, videos, blog posts, and free downloads that others can use to gain more knowledge about you and your products. You are building a personal brand and your online image is important.

3.) Be Creative With Retail Sales. If you can’t sell your product in an exciting, desirable way, it will be tough to gain momentum and establish long-term success. When selling your products you’ll notice that opportunities quickly arise. The more often you sell face to face, the more you will find opportunities to get yourself into the public eye. Research local events or team up with another small business.

4.) Sample Giveaway! Hand out samples of your product with your name and number attached. Ask that in return for the sample, each person simply call you, text, or email you their feedback later. Also, let them know you will follow up with them no matter what to ensure they’ve tried the product. After that, it’s up to you to follow up, follow up, follow up!

5.) Team Incentives. Give your team a goal to hit, individually and together with incentives attached. Try referral bonuses or a specific amount of volume. Allow the incentive to be non-business related, like a weekend getaway (something they wouldn’t normally do for themselves). Not only does it strengthen team moral, it gives people a fun new reason to do the work.

Hopefully these tips help or inspire you to gain more momentum in your Home Based Business.

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