A quick and easy way to increase your Fruit and Veggie intake

If you’re like most people, even if you enjoy fruits and vegetables, they probably aren’t ranked among the top foods you consume.

Has your doctor ever said you need to eat more fruits and vegetables? You try your best, but your busy schedule and access to fresh produce makes getting your daily fruits and veggies hard. Plus, you may not even like the taste!

Most days it is easier and faster to grab a sandwich, a burger, even an energy bar.

We are less likely to order a salad for lunch and dinner, let alone take the time to prepare one at home before we rush out the door… And even if we do, we probably still aren’t getting the vitamins and nutrients our bodies require to function at optimum levels.

So, wait- you’re telling me it’s not enough even if I were to only eat fruits and vegetables all day long?!

Unfortunately, it’s not.

Over the years, our soil has become so depleted, and our food has been so pumped full of genetic modifications, that we are receiving often, less than half of a fruit or vegetable’s original nutrient content.

Fortunately, Success By Health has a solution that will meet your health and lifestyle needs.

SBH’s Fruit & Veggie Power Plus gives you the essential dense nutrients from 22 formidable vegetables and 7 powerful fruits. In addition, it is fortified with Organic Ganoderma, The King of Herbs.

It is as simple as taking 3 capsules once a day, to conveniently fulfill your most important daily dietary fruit and vegetable needs.

This unique blend of all-natural ingredients infuses your body with essential vitamins that are easily absorbed into the system. You also receive a dose of critical alkaline minerals, amino acids, fiber, chlorophyll, enzymes, and phytonutrients. This ultimately enables your body to neutralize acid within your bloodstream.

Success by Health’s Fruit & Veggie Power Plus is your solution!

You don’t have to wait until the essential fruits and vegetables are in season or learn to stomach a vegetable that you don’t like. Get the benefit of these fruits and vegetables all year long by taking Fruit & Veggie Power Plus in an easy and convenient form.

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